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Planning and compliance have become important factors in the Indian taxation system. The taxation as a subject is complex and despite the lawmakers attempts at simplifying the subject, it has always remained the most complicated subject of the business enterprise. Our policy of creating clear understanding in the minds of the clients and attempting to pre-empt any litigation has lead to a very sound tax practice. Our long term clients rarely go through the hassle of unnecessary litigations. Our sound knowledge base in other fields of taxation like Customs and Central Excise have also contributed largely to this success. Separate planning and compliance teams at SKC have helped us achieve greater accuracies. Advice based on latest amendments and judgments is forwarded as a routine to our clients and they are kept updated of the latest developments for easier practice of better business principles. The Domestic Tax services offered by us are: Corporate and Business Tax Consulting: This service not only covers advice in respect of tax positions, but also transaction advisory services relevant to consummating Mergers, Acquisitions and Re-organizations. Corporate and Business Tax Compliance: The tax authorities keep abreast with the growing complexities and sophistication of business transactions. Our professionals have both the experience and the acumen to guide clients through tax proceedings in a result oriented manner. Leading the Global capital to the Indian lands of opportunities in this era of liberalization which is now well entrenched in Indian policies has led to a surge in the entry of multinational companies into India. Simultaneously Indian companies have established their presence in global markets and several companies have also listed on overseas bourses. The consequential interplay of taxation laws incident on these companies often results in complex situations. Advising an optimum solution requires taking a comprehensive view of the tax impact on the Holding – Subsidiaries on a global scale rather than a country specific examination. With comprehensive internationally knowledge base, we are well positioned to serve as a single-point source for providing international tax advice and solutions. Informed and pragmatic knowledge systems with active coordination with updation help our professionals to keep abreast of the latest developments This equips us to pro-actively identify issues, suggest planning, and co-ordinate expertise across jurisdictions for discharging global tax assignments in a timely and cost-effective manner. International Services offered by us include: • Cross border investments – attachment • Transfer Pricing- attachment • Human Capital Assessment-attachment