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Success Through Intent 2016

A Story of Touching a Million Lives:

An exemplary instance of a company formed on the philosophy of ‘Make in India’ (long before the concept became a slogan), the idea of SKC was born as a response to ambitious entrepreneurs who were not just looking to succeed in business, but were seeking fulfilment in their personal spheres as well. These were those Entrepreneurs who had realised that mere economic success was but a small part of achieving what they were capable of. They were also those young entrepreneurs who had seen enough misery in their previous generation through an obsessed “work only” approach.; they were looking for “Money with Meaning”.

With their path-breaking endeavour, co-founders Sameer Kamboj and Shalini Kamboj offered such entrepreneurs a unique gateway to both. Originally deriving its name from those of its founders, SKC later became an acronym to Strategy – Kognizance – Compliance: the three pillars that lie at the heart of its essence.

Our Principles

  1. That what we see outside is Finite, but as we turn Inwards, it become In-Finite. That Infinity is unattainable outwards, but completely realizable inwards
  2. That our limited perception is the fundamental barrier to tapping into our potential.
  3. That the process of enhancing perception through self-realisation is called Evolution.
  4. That Evolution is a possibility for anyone. And…
  5. That Evolutions leads to Success – both Inside and in the world around us in a tangible and measurable way.


SKC holds faith in these Principles through experience and not out of belief. This experience has been through an intense process of self-realisations. While we all understand that the limitations that hold us back are largely self-imposed, and stand in the way of us observing reality as it truly is, what we need is a practical, simple, non-jargon approach to overcoming these limitations.

We have been unknowingly conditioned from birth to view the world and ourselves under different lights. It can manifest itself in the biases that we hold of others, or the insecurities that we hold in ourselves.

To live lives with clarity and purpose is a possibility that we offer using SKC’s proprietarily perfected techniques and processes that inspire and empower people to ‘free themselves up’ towards a change in their basic assumptions. These techniques are not solely transactional, psychological, or neuroscientific in nature; they are crafted with careful consideration of all that makes a person - their Economic, Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual dimensions - and recognizing that being a business owner, team member, or family member are just pieces of a much vibrant and untapped human identity.

If you wish to learn more about our views on the matter, please contact us for a personal copy of the book