Experiencing “Who am I?”

“Anaavaran” focuses entirely on the growth and evolution of the individual. A program close to the hearts of Sameer and Shalini, the program takes in only a handful people in a year.



is based on the age old science of ‘Gyan Marg’ which means ‘Know thyself’.

Not many wish to embark on this journey and even fewer are able to walk the path and finally only very fortunate ones are able to reach the answer of “Who am I”.


But should this discourage the human race from even trying?


Sameer and Shalini conduct this program personally out of sheer compassion towards fellow humans as they know that there is a way for humans to live a more conscious and joyful life.

This is a structured yet free-fall program. To get in to Anaavaran, it is imperative to complete one of the programs of EPP/ CEP/EOS. You emerge from the program being more

  • Conscious
  • Aware
  • Joyful