Enabling business owners to transform sales teams

Business owners and sales leaders are often stressed by a nagging thought -"Why can't my team do sales like me?". This dilemma can be hugely demoralizing, and is usually unproductive. Amidst rejection and setbacks, entire sales teams also face similar reactions.


SKC’s Effective Sales Strategies (ESS) program aids in the construction of robust sales teams. The program ensures development of reporting and tracking mechanisms (mapped with an MIS) to guarantee goal vs. achievement assessment at yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily intervals. In addition, it helps develop training manuals to systematize sales departments, and handle and train new entrants at all points. Under the program's guidance, you will be able to play a more supportive and motivational role for your team members while they focus on implementation.

ESS participants are guided to engineer a comprehensive sales system in their organizations from start to finish:

  • Ascertaining the target market
  • Enumerating a prospect lists
  • Pinpointing the right person to approach
  • Preparing a thorough, adaptable Sales Kit
  • Understanding the needs and challenges of the prospect
  • Handling stalls and objections
  • Closure of sale and collecting the cheque