Creating conscious leaders to drive organizations through clear intent

While entrepreneurs manage to drive their business through their zeal and enthusiasm during the initial stages of the business, they find the same model hard to scale as the business expands. This is because, very often, leaders fail to comprehend what motivates and drives their teams, customers and stakeholders.


Conscious Entrepreneurship Program (CEP)

is designed with a very clear intent which is to offer methods of well-being to entrepreneurs who wish to run their organisations on basis of the values of:

(i) success for all, abundance for all, happiness for all;

(ii) who understands that their success is possible only when everyone in their organisation is producing success.

Over the course of the CEP program, participants manage to discover answers to some of the toughest questions that define their leadership style

    • Being an effective, motivating and inspiring ‘Founder’
    • Lead Sales of the organisation effectively
    • Making every person in the company a brand ambassador
    • Establish great Processes
    • Creating a systematic way of working and reducing stress
    • Creating self-directed teams working towards the larger goals
    • Managing Finance of the organisation, ensuring healthy fund flows and great financial health
    • Learn to motivate teams & people to become an indivisible part of the organisation
    • Connect better with people in your life