History | SKC


At SKC we firmly believe in understanding the challenges faced by our clients. In fact we move a step further in this domain. It is only through a thorough understanding of challenges faced by entrepreneurs and leaders that an implementable solution can be offered.
We pride ourselves in this understanding since we ourselves work as entrepreneurs. Being actively involved in management of manufacturing, IT and service enterprises, we understand business like none others!
This journey began in the year 1995, when SK qualified as a CA from India. By now he was already working in industry for some years in executive positions (it was not easy for him to finish his education otherwise). In 1992, he started at the low rungs of an organization as a management trainee. Working as a trainee, he worked with people all the time. He could clearly see the connections between what management wanted, what government wanted from the business and what people wanted from the organization. Each of the three stakeholders had conflicting Goals from the same entity!
He visualized an organization which could offer real time implementable solutions to businesses instead of “advise” or “consultations” which were rooted in many hypothesis and assumptions. He wanted to walk the whole distance of advise to implementation leading to tangible results. With this vision, SKC was born on 4th July 1999.
Shalini was actively contributing to the founding of SKC by developing the necessary attitudes in teams responsible for various functions. Processes were laid down by SK’s father Mr. H L Kamboj. Whole team took to these developments enthusiastically and began its March towards fulfilling a common dream of providing implementable solutions in the fields of business structuring, strategy, people development, tax advise, audit and assurance services, and other corporate and income tax matters.
Business never grew rapidly since the intent was not to grow business in numbers but to lay firm foundations through impeccable deliveries. Today SKC has a pool of home grown talent coming from ordinary indian households but  brilliant in its intellect and deliveries. SKC’s team consists of people who have been with the organization since it was founded or later. On each 4th of July, which is celebrated as the SKC’s Foundation day, the entire alumni converges (no invitations are issued) to bond once again.
SKC became a strategic partner with Alliance Audit (A top 30 international firm in Singapore) in the year 2004. It partnered LMI - the world’s oldest and largest professional development organization in the year 2009.
SKC remains committed to its stakeholders - its clients, its people and its strategic partners.