Case Study
Case Study

Pankaj Dhiman, Fitness First India Pvt.Ltd.

Everything we do in life requires a certain amount of will and effort; the same can be said for being fit. Fitness is not a destination, but rather a way of life. This mentality of persistence is a central part of me that expresses itself not just when I train in the gym, but in how I run my organization. From personally training gym-goers to the coordination of my teams, I helped secure Fitness First Iconic as India’s largest fitness club.

Getting to this position in my life took no lack of hard work. I am a seasoned cricketer, having been my University’s Cricket Captain in the ‘All India University Viji Trophy Championship’ and toured in Sri Lanka and Mauritius representing India’s U-19 student exchange team. I ranked 5th in the ‘Mr North India Body Building Championships & Federation Cup’ in 2014. Apart from having a Post Graduate Diploma in Insurance, I am also a certified Six Sigma Green Belt, a Certified Personal Trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine, an Integrated Corrective Exercise Specialist, and an Olympic certified weight lifter. However, I realized I had room for improvement. As time grew scarce, I started more projects than I completed and was unable to balance my personal and professional responsibilities.

During one of my personal training sessions, Madhur Daga - an SKC Grad – offhandedly mentioned how he was growing his business through the systematic accomplishment of goals. Seeing and hearing his changes resonated with me. As a result, I enrolled in the SKC-EPP program and met my mentor, Shalini ma’am. There is no greater feeling than witnessing the achievements made by your own hands. Starting the program, I was a Fitness Manager and halfway through, I was made the Club General Manager. By the end of the program, I accomplished every goal I had initially set. I have grown into a more compassionate, patient, and attentive individual, all thanks to the stability given by my daily practices. The program challenged me, empowering me to continue confronting my limitations and growing beyond them.

My organization and relationships are thriving. Despite the fitness industry being known for its disorganized nature, my team and I helped increase revenues consistently, while doubling the size of our team, streamlining our processes, and designing and launching ‘Silver Sneakers’, a specialized fitness program for people older than age 55. In addition, my team members themselves have pointed out that I have become far more personable and approachable; I smile more. On the personal front, I now consciously devote more time to my mother and friends, started guitar lessons, and took my first holiday after 6 years to Goa. My responsibilities have grown but I still have time to spare!

My success lies in my intent of not being better than someone else, but being better than who I used to be! I am a tenacious man who refuses to give up, on the quest of raising the ‘fitness’ of my mind, body, and organization to their

greatest potential!