Case Study
Case Study

Manjari Sharma, Wagma Designs LLP

At Wagma Designs, we have been transforming people’s dream spaces into reality through our cosmopolitan vision and signature craftsmanship at optimal pricing. Having worked on more than 700 projects over the past 14 years, I take pride in having converted design aspirations of our clients into memorable realities to live in. I moved from Samastipur, Bihar to Delhi 13 years ago to explore my passion in creative designing and architecture. Having lived most of my life in a suburban area, transition to a mega-city like Delhi posed its own challenges. There were times when emotions of fear, insecurity, and helplessness were difficult to manage. Then there were other times, when I had to struggle to generate

enough money to meet the next month’s expenses.

It was my determination to succeed, which ultimately saw me through all those challenges. I focused on my goals and worked day and night to develop myself and my firm into a successful Interior Design Firm. Owing to our efforts and work done, we were nominated for the NDTV GROHE Design and Architecture of the Year 2014 awards, and also won the Prime Time Global Business and Leadership Award in 2015. It felt good! With time, our dreams and goals keep evolving. There came a point when I felt like I reached a glass ceiling which was getting difficult to break through.

It was time to take ‘the next step’, but I was lost in search of the right way forward. Caught between managing my work and building my organization, and spending enough time with 11-year daughter as a single parent, I found

my answers at SKC. Having gone through its programs like EPP, ESS and constant hand holding by SKC, I am now able to strike the right balance in my work and personal life.

Over the past 2 years, I have realized what was holding me and my organization from growing further. I took the necessary action which has now helped in empowering my team to the extent that they have become owners in the

Organization Through constantly creating processes and improving internal systems, we were able to achieve growth in our industry and hire more people, even in the time when other firms were laying off people and consolidating their

Businesses. A thing I realized was that I was not celebrating at all. It is now an ‘HPA’ for me and my team, to celebrate and share our successes regularly. This has brought in immense satisfaction and joyfulness in me which is also reflected on my time spent with my daughter, family, and friends.

Still a long way to go, my goals are higher and more challenging than ever before. But with the tools and techniques that I have learnt, inspirations that I have sought, and beliefs that I have gained, I am surely on the path I earlier

only used to dream of!!