Case Study
Case Study

Kripa & Gautam, Karachi Caterers

As a foodie, I was destined to be born in family of caterers and confectioners! I had always looked up to my grandfather and father who started a catering business in 1955 and built the brand, ‘Karachi’.

After finishing my graduation from IHM, Mumbai and training at The Oberoi, New Delhi and TGI Fridays, I finally joined the family business in 1999. The challenge for me when I entered into business was to maintain the traditional client base as well as approach newer pastures that demanded latest innovation as well as fusion foods. With my craving for creativity and innovation, I successfully added offerings of various multi-cuisines in our predominantly traditional venture. Having taken over business completely in 2005 under the able guidance of my father, I was set on my path to further build on our brand and take it to greater heights. For the first few years, the business flourished as we worked as a team. However after unfortunate demise of my mother and father in 2007 & 2009 respectively, there was a big emotional setback for me, which also started reflecting on my business.

It was at this time that my wife Kripa supported me fully and shifted her focus towards growing ‘Karachi’. Coming from IT background and having worked in MNCs like Tescos, moving towards family owned business and dealing with unskilled and semi-skilled team wasn’t easy. But what bound us together in this business is the love for good food and ultimate client satisfaction. Kripa had a good IT exposure which helped in automation of a lot menu planning and online transactions. We started building back through our existing clients and meeting new people. I joined BNI which added  greatly to my sales and also led me to SKC, wherein I underwent EPP which Shalini Ji. This brought in immense change in me as a person, from being hands-on everything to being delegating all back-end matters and focusing on building new clients.

Later in 2016, when Kripa observed changes in me, she also enrolled in EPP and I joined ESS with Sameer Ji. During all this time, we built amazing credibility with many government agencies and have added flavour to events of organisations like Ministry of Water Resource, Ministry of I&B, NDMC, IIT Delhi and various other prominent organisations.

I feel great joy that today Kripa and I stand on the same page on the intent level and are working towards a common vision. Not only do we spend more time together at work, but also quality time with our kids and family as a whole. We have been working to accomplish the balance in the wheel of life.