Case Study
Case Study

Kanika Suri, Kanyoga

After completing a year of undergraduate education at LSR in New Delhi, I transferred to the University of Virginia, US to pursue a Business degree in Finance and Management. On returning to India, I worked in numerous industries in a Corporate Communications role. Parallel to this, I continued to explore myself and search for that ONE passion. That search came to an end upon visiting exhibitions for yoga products in the UK and Hong Kong, and discovering an ironic truth that, despite yoga being of Indian heritage, there was a dearth of Indian manufacturing companies that actually exported yoga products. Rather, Chinese companies made up the majority of yoga and meditation product exporters! Also, there was a void in the Indian market for yoga brands. Seeing opportunity, I realized and found what I was looking for and founded Kanyoga in 2009. In 2011, I pursued a part-time Global MBA program offered by the Manchester Business School, alongside building Kanyoga. After graduating in 2013, I earnestly plunged into Kanyoga, growing it from pillar to post with innovative new products being sold across 10 countries. Success came, but not without challenges. I tend to be hard on myself and it is outwardly apparent. Despite my best efforts, my team was unable to keep up with my pace.

In 2016, I enrolled myself in the SKC-EPP program, and found myself in the company of a great mentor, Sameer sir, to whom I am extremely grateful. It felt like the right place to be in and I became more open and receptive. Today, one

year after the program, things don’t seem daunting anymore. The twin tools of grounding and centering have helped me realize and overcome my personal and professional challenges. I have become a calmer and more responsive person, redefining my relationships and making them more fulfilling. In addition, I am able to streamline my energies and direct them towards my success and growth. From a boss, I am now a leader, collaborating with my team and becoming accessible to them. As a result, I can feel that my entire team and workplace is enthused with positive

energies. Foregoing micromanagement, the delegation tools and techniques that I have acquired through the SKC-EPP program have strengthened my team and granted me the confidence and time to focus on rolling out a new line of innovative travel accessories and enhancing my brand through social media and word of mouth. I feel I have evolved and so has Kanyoga. I have a fresh zeal for life now and this has manifested into the functioning of Kanyoga as well.

This is evidence of the fact that our organizations are an extension of ourselves! In line with my desire of giving back to society, I have set an action plan to fulfill my personal mission of helping women who have suffered physical and emotional abuse. I am unshakeable, aligning myself and the organization towards fulfilling my ultimate vision of capturing a million hearts.