Case Study
Case Study

Jatin Modi, FrogIdeas

Born and brought up in Delhi, I went to Mumbai for my Computer Engineering. Within 2 years, I realized that the race for a job after graduation was’nt how I envisioned my life. At 19 with my room mate, I developed an e-education software that taught computer skills in regional languages. It was a phenomenal success, with a turnover of Rs.2.5 crores in its 1st year. However, being naïve in business, it fell flat in the 2nd year and had to shut shop. Back in Delhi, after Graduation I started another venture which was a complete disaster! By 23, I had burned through two businesses, but that didn’t stop me. I successfully launched an e-commerce company -, that was acquired by in an all cash exit, beginning my journey to success. My struggle with digital marketing and social media with this venture was the seed to my current organisation. I was convinced digital was going to be a disruptor for businesses — and I was going to be the one to build it.

In 2013, FrogIdeas leaped into life. As a digital strategy and marketing company, we do websites, social media, SEO, Apps, & Artificial Intelligence. We service some of the world’s biggest companies, including 12 of the Fortune 500. Over

the past 4 years, we’ve won 27 awards across the globe and grown to a team size of 80+.Throughout my rendezvous with entrepreneurial ventures, I tasted success and failure at several points in time. I learnt that starting a business is not the most difficult part, keeping it afloat is. At work, people challenges were increasing. At home, I was struggling with relationships. I believed that I was doing the right things. Between my professional and personal life, I didn’t know where I was going wrong. In search for an answer, I came knocking at SKC’s door in January, 2016.

My journey with SKC was phenomenal and continues to be one among the several ensuing game-changers in my life. I was able to reinforce my vision for myself and my company — to be an enabler, to help people unlock their potential, and to create a platform for my team to change the future of digital and marketing. Within a year, attrition is down by 85%; the team has doubled. Cutting down my involvement in day-to-day operations enabled me to refocus my energy towards new horizons. As a result, we’ve launched new products and opened 2 new offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. Today, we have one of the best cultures in our industry. My team feels FrogIdeas, is a fantastic platform for them to learn and grow.

As a person, I’m more inclusive, empathetic, and compassionate. I have rebuilt my personal relationships to be more fulfilling. Emotionally, there’s a growing sense of stability that keeps anger, irritation, and impatience in check. With SKC my journey inward started. There is so much to be explored that I never knew! The very nature of my life has evolved. From family, health, and career to my social, ethical, mental, and spiritual pursuits — with greater awareness, I am consciously working towards leading a whole and fulfilling life.