Case Study
Case Study

Jasmeet & Dashmeet, The Art Floor

I was always in awe of the arts. Yet it wasn’t until I was knee deep in the corporate world, as Vice President of Indiabulls, that I felt drawn to do something more creative. But I had no idea where to start. I took up a sabbatical, visiting art galleries in India and Dubai to explore art and its prospects.

My wife and I started The Art Floor as an experimental organisation in 2011. From holding shows and exhibitions in the basement of our home in Gurgaon to orchestrating events at cultural centres, we slowly but surely began to grow. We went on to launch Art Lounge at Pullman Hotel, Gurgaon. It was successful for 1.5 years until Le Meridien acquired Pullman. We had to shut down but the question remained — what next?

Could we use art to create a more engaging experience? The answer was ART DIY, a platform for kids to engage with arts. The concept came to us at the opportune moment when DLF Cyber Hub was taking shape. A food and entertainment destination in the heart of Gurgaon — it was the perfect break for us! In no time, it became a regular engagement. We started another centre at DLF Promenade, Vasant Kunj. In our journey, we hatched another venture — Art Jam, a corporate team building programme. We serviced major corporations like Ernst & Young. One success led to the other, but clarity on how to grow into something bigger was missing.

SKC really illuminated the way forward. Goal planning has been a complete game changer. We’ve come a long way from working haphazardly to being focused and goal-oriented. Challenges come and go, but resolving them has become easier. Delegating work, giving more autonomy to our team encourages them to step up to the challenge and perform. With strong strategies, good business plans and effective execution in place, we’re excited to take our endeavours to the next level.

We decided to start more centres. By the end of the Leadership Programme itself, we landed a coveted spot at DLF Mall of India. Franchise India approached us with the idea of turning The Art Floor into a franchise. By 2019, we’re targeting 300 centres across India, and an expansion to the Middle East, UK, & US. We revived and transformed our Art Lounge vertical and started in - Crowne Plaza today and Courtyard by Marriott Downtown, both in Gurugram, from where we promote art and hope to establish art as an asset class by November 2020. Since SKC, everything has been falling into place effortlessly. Through a conscious intent we are able to move towards our goals, be it professional or

personal. The simple act of writing down our goals has brought a paradigm shift in our perception. As soon as we write something down, it becomes a reality within our reach. Goals have consequently become far more achievable. Our health has improved. We’ve become more aware. We’ve started to live life in the moment. As a result, we are able to cherish extraordinary transformations in our life.