Case Study
Case Study

Dinika Bhatia, DRB Foods Pvt Ltd

Right after school, I went to the University of Southern California to do my Bachelors in Entrepreneurship. Dry fruits were the core business of the family. Being predominantly an unorganized sector in India, I launched DRB to take

our legacy to the organized market. I redefined Premium dry fruit in India into a healthy and nutrient component of life by bringing into the world – Nutty Gritties in 2009. I tasted success early with my product line seen at most topnotch organized retail markets and reached a mark of 10 cr in a short span. Soon life took a new turn and I was a married lady. The demands of work were growing with the growing business. But now, I had a husband with whom I wanted to spend as much time as possible, in-laws, parents, friends, and social life; I wanted to be everywhere. Inspite all the support, managing time and balancing all out was becoming a bigger challenge with every passing day. Success was coming, but at a cost and the cost was me. Being me, it was important to have high levels of productivity in each sphere. I was managing and over managing.

At this stage, a friend recommended SKC-EPP to me. At SKC, I understood the true meaning of Productivity, an amalgam of: I, WE, and WORK. Through the course of the program, I soon realized that in order to achieve complete happiness, I had to achieve productivity in all the spheres. I began setting clear and smart goals in every sphere of my life, with clear timelines. I began training and developing my team in the company, attempting to incite a sense of ownership within them. I began to implement an inside-out approach to things, acknowledging the fact that the initiative to make the changes that I desired must spring from my actions. Further, the concepts of centering and grounding helped me appreciate the boundless possibilities and limitless potential within each individual. No goal seemed hard to achieve after this realization. When I joined SKC, I dreamt of making Nutty Gritties a household name. Today, my team and I are working towards achieving a turnover of a billion dollars by 2030. I have grown as a leader and now address the root causes of problems, and learn and develop safeguards against them. As a result of efficient allocation of work, I am able to devote more quality time towards my family and friends. I am soon opening a branch office closer to home, thus cutting down on my commuting time and creating more time for all spheres of my life. More than a year into EPP, we have increased our sales by 1.6 times and the team by 1.5 times. Further, we have been able to reduce wastage from about 3% to 0.8%.

The concepts and learnings from SKC have become an inherent aspect of me that I invoke in my everyday action and decision-making. The chaos, that I experienced prior to the SKC intervention in my life and work, has given way to a soothing symphony of the two.