Case Study
Case Study

Charu Sakhuja, Khaitan Public School

If I had to describe myself in a single word, it would be ‘devoted’. I completely immerse myself in any task and work wholeheartedly towards advancing it. As Head of HR in Khaitan Public School, I work towards attaining the school’s ultimate vision. As a mother and wife – roles that I consider primary to who I am – no obstacle prevents me from ensuring the security, comfort, and happiness of my husband and children; they are irreplaceable and what I live for. Life has been a rollercoaster ride with its share of ups and downs. Facing financial struggles and family health problems never restricted me from furthering myself and riding the lows of life. Education has been one method of doing so, as it is one thing no one can take from you once you have it. When you have that drive to learn, nothing can stop you in achieving what you want.

I graduated with a BBA, and later, a double postgraduate with a PGDM and MBA in HR. My journey in HR began when I joined the AHA – the Air Hostess Academy – as a senior executive. Making the best of both worlds, by fulfilling my passion for learning and HR, I became the HR Manager in educational institutions like BLS Institute of Management – Ghaziabad, IIMT – Gurgaon, and later HR Head of KPS. I amassed knowledge and experiences that have helped me succeed in my industry and profession. However, I still felt there was room for improvement. I realized that I needed a different type of education, an education of the self.

That was when I was introduced to the SKC-EPP program by Anirudh Khaitan, Vice-Chairman of KPS. I was amazed at his transformation post the program, and when given the chance by KPS to enroll, I had no second thoughts. I grew leaps and bounds within my organization and family. With Shalini Ma’am’s guidance, I became an assertive, empowered individual, making great strides in spurring change and growth within the HR department. I am an organized and goal-oriented individual, doing smart work and achieving my objectives consistently, resulting in KPS receiving the ‘Excellence in Teacher’s Development Program’ award by EduAce, and the ‘Thomas Assessments National Award for Excellence in Talent Management’, felicitated by the DMA. Now, I would call myself ‘FEARLESS’! With meditation (my latest hobby after dancing and gardening), I am now happy and complete, managing my

emotions and self. These internal changes have made my family closer than ever and granted me a positive mindset; life seems to sparkle around me. I know how to overcome the tough times, and have now set a vision for myself

to attain. With newfound clarity and determination, whatever I vividly imagine and ardently desire is inevitably coming to pass!