Case Study
Case Study

Praveen Sharma, Cactus Communications Pvt. Ltd.

I was born in Pilani, Rajasthan, home to the legendary BITS! I now live in Mumbai with my parents, my wife and my two-year-old daughter. I love teaching and even now, on weekends, I make it a point to join my wife in teaching senior school students. Being able to educate and empower young minds gives me a tremendous sense of pride. It’s my vision to influence society and inspire change. And as they say, knowledge is power. Whenever I get free time, I read everything that comes my way, from mythology to economics and the sciences. To be informed and to be knowledgeable is instrumental in my pursuit.

I joined Cactus Communications as a developer in 2010. Cactus Communications is a leading provider of communication solutions, including academic and scientific editing, medical communications, publication support services, English-language workshops, transcription, and translation. I work on the technological side of things. I started out as part of a core team of 3, building software from scratch. Since then, I’ve been managing the entire Software Development Team. It’s been a rewarding journey towards leadership, but it wasn’t without its challenges. I faced difficulties with setting goals and time management. Taking stock of my growing roles and responsibilities took a

toll on my personal life.

Since SKC, my team has grown and my responsibilities have increased exponentially — yet I find there is no stress. I am able to manage 28 people far better than 3! Redefining goals for my team and myself went a long way in bringing this change. On Mondays, the first thing I do is sit down and set my goals for the week. Once I do this, it becomes easier to see them through systematically. Managing time mindfully has really opened up my day. I used to reach office

at 11am, now I reach by 8:30am. Those few extra hours in the morning have gone a long way in stabilising the course of my day. Fresh and alert, I am more productive at work. As a result, I can leave early, steering clear of rush hour to be home with my family on time.

The changes in my personal life have been enormous. I consciously dedicate time towards my family, spending 1-2 hours more with them everyday. It’s been a wonderful transformation. My health has improved. I’m more active and energetic. This gives me time to help out around the house and go out with my family at least once a week. SKC helped me value the importance of a work-life balance. I realised some quality time with my family was long overdue, so we took a trip to Goa even before the programme was up! I’ve taken an interest in cultural functions and meeting people, engaging with the world around me and exploring new avenues in life. I’ve become more in touch with myself.

SKC has really enabled me to understand what I should focus on, and how to achieve it. Success is simple. Spend time on the right thing, the right way, and it will be yours!